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We are proud that all of our straw hats are carefully handwoven by artisans in Ecuador. The Weave of this hat was declared by UNESCO Heritage of Humanity in 2012 in recognition of this ancient art. The hats are made from the strong, long leaves of the toquilla plant to weave a lightweight fabric that is flexible and durable. In the lunar cycle, the straw cut is more flexible for weaving. The green stem opens and the youngest leaves are meticulously selected, cut lengthwise and folded. The narrower the threads, the finer the hat. It is left to dry under the warm equatorial sun and results in “toquilla straw.” The weavers take the dry threads and knot by knot create figures and textures. Each hat is special and unique - it carries the story of a culture, the effort and passion of the artisan who created it, and the promise of a company committed to bringing each customer a beautiful product created in a completely natural, socially sustainable and environmentally committed process.